Working in

The Travel Industry

The travel industry is a fun, fast-paced industry which constantly evolves, no two days are the same.

It's so interesting researching new destinations and itineraries or using your personal experience to bring to life holidays for customers.

You get paid for helping people travel the world.

As well as the uncapped earning potential there are other rewards, such as supplier 'familiarisation' or 'educational' trips all over the world.

As well as these, you will only pay nett rates on your holidays, you won't be charged commission.

To be successful in this industry, you must have a passion for travel and for customers.

Looking at

The Size of the Market

You only need to see the figures to see that this is a huge and growing market.

The yearly number of trips abroad from the UK is on the increase, and has been 2012!

Total amount spent each year by UK tourists

Trips by UK residents taking trips overseas by year. Total amount spent each year by UK tourists by year
2017 72.7 Million 2017 £44.8 Billion
2016 70.7 Million 2016 £42.8 Billion
2015 65.7 Million 2015 £39.0 Billion
2014 60.1 Million 2014 £35.5 Billion
2013 57.8 Million 2013 £35.5 Billion
2012 54.5 Million 2012 £32.4 Billion

The average number of nights spent abroad, on the other hand, has remained relatively unchanged, with the average hovering just above ten nights.

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The Travel industry has plenty to offer and is always growing. Download our prospectus here to see what makes us different and what your business would look like.

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Make a Difference

You may have heard people say that travel agents are obsolete, that is not the case.

Yes, online booking websites have increased their share in the market at the expense of some high street travel agents, but as a travel agent who works online, you have a whole lot more to offer than online booking website.

As a human, you can get to know your customer better through conversations, building rapport, understanding their needs, personalising and enhancing an itinerary, offering quality service, being available to answer questions, and after booking service.

With us, your online Travel agency will be part of the Hays Independence Group meaning you'll have access to 500+ suppliers and preferential commission rates.

Basing yourself online and getting involved with your community means your business won't suffer the overheads you would expect from a traditional high street travel agency.

You can enjoy building your business, in your own vision, with a loyal group of customers you've built through outstanding personal service, that online booking websites simply can't compete with.

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