What Would

My Business Look Like?

We want you to maximise your earning potential so unlike other travel franchise providers the Family Holidays Franchise doesn't touch your commission, you make 100% of the commission on every booking you make.

Our approach is to take a small percentage of the revenue, just 2%, this means you keep a bigger slice of the pie

This is our money guarantee. Unlike other propositions, we don't make you hit a sales trigger to earn your money back.

With us, you keep more money from the start.

Use the calculator below to help understand how this can benefit you.

If you make
Making an average of
The total commission would be
If a company was offering you
/ 30
You would make
As we only take 2% of the turnover you'd make
* with our unique model
That's an extra
profit for you. Guaranteed
* before any monthly fees
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Here are some of our most

Amazing Bookings

Below shows a selection of some of our most amazing bookings. We're certainly not saying these come along every day, we wish they did, but they highlight the opportunities available to those delivering outstanding levels of service.

*Family Holidays Franchise financial projections illustrated are examples only and not a guarantee of income. The figures shown are based on the performance of our Holidaysplease part-time homeworkers.

**There is a 2% charge made on all gross sales that we will apply, this will be deducted from the net commission value.

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