You don't need to be a travel expert to join us.

No Experience Necessary

Our training is one on one and is completely bespoke to you giving you comprehensive training that will show you how to set up, launch and manage your own business.

The training is held at our head office, this again gives you further opportunity to network with the team.

Our training cover a range of moduels to suit your needs

Initial Training Overview

Each training day builds on the last session.

Your one to one training is completely flexible offering you the opportunity to spread the training out over a period of time to help you manage your schedule.

We now advise having approximately two weeks between each training day giving you the opportunity to absorb more information and make the most of each session.

  • DAY 1 - Creating & Maintaining Your Website
  • DAY 2 - Online Marketing
  • DAY 3 - Sales Through Service & Local Marketing
  • DAY 4 - Using The Systems
  • DAY 5 - Supplier Networking

Other training modules that is bespoke to your business include: 

  • Managing Enquiries
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Utilising Your Existing Network
  • Communicating with customers
  • Pre/Post booking administration
  • Operations manual

All training session are documented and hosted on our system for you to refer back to at any time. 

If you would like to know more about our training, give us a call today on 0121 200 5561!

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Ongoing Training

We recognise there will be a lot to take in on your initial course, so we ensure we have regular training sessions covering a range of topics such as :

  • Sales
  • Supplier
  • Networking

As well as this your support team are always available at the end of the phone.

As a business owner you can't always take time out to be trained in a classroom so we offer flexible learning solutions to accommodate this, such as videos, e-learning, webinar's etc


You're not in this alone

Ongoing Support

Support is key to your success.

Our companies are successful thanks to understanding the travel industry. The Holidays Franchise Company is run by travel industry experts so when you call for advise you'll get the answers and guidance you need.

We hold our annual team conference where we mix both business and pleasure. We enjoy networking with each other, again another great opportunity to share tips. We bring in suppliers to upskill us on destination and product knowledge and our favourite part is the annual company awards where we recognise a host of different achievements.

On top, you would have access to an emergency telephone number should you need help outside of our head offices trading hours.

If you purchase our Designer+ package you will also receive:

  • Bi-monthly reviews of your online marketing
  • Bi-monthly business development call
  • Annual business and personal review

As you can see you will be far from alone in this venture.

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