Understanding the

Benefits of Franchising

The greatest advantage of a franchise is that is increases the chances of business success, as it's based on a proven business concept which has been tried, tested and evolved over the years.

More than 93% of franchises business succeed in the first 3 years, compared to under 10% of people going it alone.

We are here to support you and your business to be as successful as you want to be.


Using a model that works

Structure, Systems & Support

Buying into a franchise is a big decision with needs thorough research.

A franchisor should have a proven business model with clear structure and systems in place. Money should have already been spent perfecting the model.

Our business is backed by multi-award-winning Holidaysplease which was created on a £6k investment in 2002, we now turnover in excess of £30million. So, in terms of creating, and running a successful online travel agency, we know what we are talking about.

Ensure you ask what support system will be in place for you, this is key to your success. If you are new to the industry, you are going to need a lot of initial support to transition you, into the role of a travel agent, and business owner.

The franchise teams backgrounds are all in the travel industry. They have worked for some of the major brands in the industry, so you will be supported by people that know and have done the role.

Franchisees have a Business Development Executive, based at our Head Office. Their main role is to support you turning enquiries into bookings, generating revenue and profit for your business.

All our systems are built and hosted in-house, this means we are able to constantly evolve them to ensure they enable our franchisees to manage their customers and time and effectively.

We have an extensive operations manual, which details all the different areas of the role plus all of our working practices, which we bring to life in the training room.

Your Support Team

Meet The Team

John McEwan

Board Member

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Charles Duncombe


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Richard Dixon


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Joanne Aldridge

Head of Franchise

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Luke Western

Business Development Manager

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Jenna Mccullagh

Business Development Executive

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Katie Duncombe

Operations Manager

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Jayne Johnston

Head of Admin

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Natalie O'Leary

Head of Tour Operations

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One to One

Training & Support

Along with our support, all our training is all one to one.

Each training session is bespoke to you and your business. The sessions are relaxed and informal, we go at a pace that suits you.

All our training is documented, so if you have questions you can refer to this at any time.

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Training & Support
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